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One Woman Got 11 Tattoos In A Week To Show 100 Years Of Inked History

Maybe don't try this at home.

WatchCut Video just released the latest 100 Years of Beauty episode, and this one focuses on Americana tattoos.

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The series depicts 100 years of tattoo art history on one body.

This is Casey Lubin. She answered an ad asking for someone who would be cool with getting 11 tattoos in one week as part of a video series.

WatchCat Video / Via

When she found out what the video was for, she thought it was an amazing opportunity to be a part of the project and to have history be on her body. Prior to this project, she only had one or two tiny tattoos.

Tattoo artist Clae Welch was tasked with giving Lubin all 11 tattoos.

WatchCut Video / Via Instagram: @claewelch

Each piece would be in the style of an iconic artist from each decade over the last 100 years in America. Lubin chose a tattoo from each decade from a curated selection of iconic tattoos.

First up, Charlie Wagner's 1910s style.

WatchCut Video / Via

The majority of the tattoos done in this decade were black and gray because it was really the beginning of ink.

The '20s were about Amund Dietzel's work.

WatchCut Video / Via

This was one of the more popular images from Dietzel's tattoos, which were beautiful and colorful.

"Cap" Coleman was the tattoo artist of the '30s.

WatchCut Video / Via

Lubin's tattoo is a hand holding a bundle of flowers, which rang true to Coleman's art.

The '40s tattoo was inspired by Paul Rogers.

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This tattoo is a small clipper ship with a round, robust look.

Sailor Jerry (aka Norman Collins) was the artist of the '50s.

WatchCut Video / Via

Jerry developed his own style and a special needle for shading. This owl is one of his most recognizable pieces.

The 1960s were inspired by Lyle Tuttle.

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Tuttle did a wrist tattoo on Janis Joplin, which was photographed on the cover of Rolling Stone. After that, he said women's liberation changed the face of his tattooing.

Don Ed Hardy was the artist of choice for the 1970s.

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He's one of the most influential purveyors of tattooing. Lubin chose this iconic mermaid piece.

The '80s were influenced by Mike "Rollo" Malone.

WatchCut Video / Via

Malone was known for taking over Sailor Jerry's old studio.

Guy Aitchison was the man in the '90s.

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His art was much more surreal than previous artists, and Weich said replicating that was difficult.

In the 2000s, it was about Jack Rudy.

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Rudy works with a lot of fine line detail with a single needle, which changed the look of tattoos. Lubin chose a Jolly Roger piece.

And for the 2010s, Nikko Hurtado is the artist with hella influence.

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Hurtado is known for his color portrait work. Lubin chose a color portrait of her own cat.

Here's Casey Lubin's fully tatted and rad AF body. The woman deserves a medal for handling 11 tattoos worth of needles in seven days. DAMN.

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