Vogue China Photoshopped Gigi Hadid And People Are Pissed

Can you not?

1. Gigi Hadid recently posted this photo of her Vogue China cover to her Instagram.

@gigihadid / Via

Her caption reads, “New @voguechina cover!!
by @solvesundsbostudio xx.”

2. She looks beautiful AF as always, but if you look closely, you’ll notice something is missing…

@gigihadid / Via

3. …and it’s all of her moles.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Via Getty Images

4. Hadid’s fans quickly noticed that her skin was edited and they took to her Instagram to comment.

@gigihadid / Via

“They edit you too much, you [sic] gorgeous birth marks and all,” one commenter wrote.

5. As a lingerie model, Hadid’s stomach is usually on display, and her fans know what she looks like without retouching.

@gigihadid / Via

6. People got angry, questioning Vogue China’s decision to edit anything on Hadid.

@gigihadid / Via

One commenter even mentioned the fact that Hadid’s skin looks as if it was made whiter.

7. This isn’t the first time she’s been photoshopped in a strange way, either. In Hadid’s advertisement for Guess, her toenail was completely blurred out.


What even??????

8. And Vogue China’s got a reputation for Photoshop fails, like the time they completely removed Doutzen Kroes’ leg in 2012.

Photoshop Disasters / Via


9. Seriously, people?

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