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Urban Decay Is Releasing A New Eyeshadow Palette And It's Epic

The Vice 4 shadows are hella fresh.

Urban Decay junkies, rejoice, for there is a new eyeshadow palette forthcoming.

As a reminder, the Vice 3 palette was incredible.

Behold! The swatches from the new Vice 4!


Wende Zomnir / Via

Think of the smoky possibilities!

Wende Zomnir / Via

And even though we have limited information so far, people are already starting to lose their collective shit.

What a new @urbandecay vice palette is coming out. ...omg eekkk excited #colorunleashed by…

Take all the money, Urban Decay. Take whatever you want.

@UrbanDecay I don't care what the new vice palette looks like! TAKE MY MONEY!! #colorunleashed

#Bless, Urban Decay.

You can never have too much of a good thing. A sneak peek to a brand new Vice Palette coming soon! #colorunleashed

Brb cooling off now.

Logo TV / Via