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    This Lazy Online Shopping Trick Actually Saves You A Ton Of Money

    It's a Chrome extension called Honey that does all the work for you.

    The only downside to online shopping is that you actually need to have money and/or not be broke AF.

    But a new, free Google Chrome extension called Honey saves you heaps of cash and then pays you to shop. UH HUH, HONEY.

    Here's how it works: Once you install the extension on your desktop, it automatically aggregates every discount code that exists for that store into one place.

    Honey tells you exactly how much each discount code will save you, plus it tells you how recently people had success with the code.

    Plus, when you click the option "Get Bonus Cash," you'll get an email with information on getting ca$h back a few days after you've placed an order.

    Once you're ready to check out, Honey tells you how many codes are available to use and automatically enters all of them FOR YOU.

    It then automatically works through all of the codes to see which ones can be used (because some codes can't be combined with others).

    Then you see exactly how much you saved, which is HELLA satisfying.

    But at the end of the scan, even if the codes don't work, you still get a cash bonus when you make a purchase.

    Honey works with any website you try, like Asos, which had 25 coupon codes available at the time of this post.

    And Groupon for...wait for it...double savings!

    And finally, PAPA JOHN'S.

    Download the Honey extension for Google Chrome here.