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    This Artist Is Re-Creating Defaced Subway Ads Using Makeup

    One woman's graffiti is another woman's beauty inspiration.

    Lydia Cambron, a designer based in Brooklyn, New York, is taking defaced subway ads to the next level by re-creating them at home with cosmetics.

    Lydia Cambron / Via

    "Recently I used a cutout from a clamshell container with Sharpie in my mouth, so I could draw over my teeth. It's pretty convincing, but I'm just as into the illusion as I am how I achieve it," Cambron told BuzzFeed Life.

    The project, called "Makeup Transit Authority," is an ongoing series using cosmetics, handmade props, and a 10-second timer to photograph herself.

    Lydia Cambron / Via

    "I incorporate lowbrow props. Things like tape and paper," Cambron said.

    "What I like is the connection between the defacing marks and makeup. My intention isn't to suggest a correlation between the two; I just find it interesting that the looks can overlap when I use cosmetics," Cambron told BuzzFeed Life.

    Lydia Cambron / Via

    "I go for ones with marks that are mostly contained in the face. I have a few with elements that have to leave the face and say, go over my hair or something, but I like to keep the focus on my face and not get too caught up in convincingly replicating hair, costume, or background," she said.

    Each piece takes about an hour or two. Lydia positions her camera at an angle, paints her face, then uses a timer to take photos of herself.

    Lydia Cambron / Via

    "If there are any prop elements I usually have a clear plan for that before," she said.

    "The imperfections make the replications more interesting. There is still crafting and planning and a desire to 'nail it,' but I try make it more of an improvised thing. It's gotta be fun, or else it's not," she said.

    Lydia Cambron / Via

    "I’m conscious about it staying fairly lowbrow in execution. If the effects are overly fabricated, the mimicking quality is lost."

    Her approach to re-creating defaced subway ads is improvised, but she has a clear direction.

    Lydia Cambron / Via

    "I will explore other methods as this all progresses but plan to continue this series for a while," Cambron said.

    To follow the Makeup Transit Authority series, check out @LydiaCambron on Instagram.