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    This Artist Is Re-Creating Defaced Subway Ads Using Makeup

    One woman's graffiti is another woman's beauty inspiration.

    Lydia Cambron, a designer based in Brooklyn, New York, is taking defaced subway ads to the next level by re-creating them at home with cosmetics.

    The project, called "Makeup Transit Authority," is an ongoing series using cosmetics, handmade props, and a 10-second timer to photograph herself.

    "What I like is the connection between the defacing marks and makeup. My intention isn't to suggest a correlation between the two; I just find it interesting that the looks can overlap when I use cosmetics," Cambron told BuzzFeed Life.

    Each piece takes about an hour or two. Lydia positions her camera at an angle, paints her face, then uses a timer to take photos of herself.

    "The imperfections make the replications more interesting. There is still crafting and planning and a desire to 'nail it,' but I try make it more of an improvised thing. It's gotta be fun, or else it's not," she said.

    Her approach to re-creating defaced subway ads is improvised, but she has a clear direction.

    To follow the Makeup Transit Authority series, check out @LydiaCambron on Instagram.