This Artist Nailed What Your Period Actually Feels Like

    "Riding the cotton pony."

    Layla Ehsan, an illustration student at the Rhode Island School of Design, recently created "Menstruisms," an on-going series of illustrations every person with a period can relate to.

    "I needed a way to tell the world how crappy I was feeling! I wanted to inspect, and defy, the stigmas that make me reticent to speak openly about my period and how it makes me feel," Ehsan told BuzzFeed Life.

    "It sucks that the world thinks menstruation is too gross to exist, and that complaining about it — and, for that matter, acknowledging its existence in any way — is forbidden," Ehsan said.

    Ehsan said she is trying to highlight the ridiculousness of the lengths we go to in order to avoid talking about menstruation.

    "I wanted to create images that were honest, maybe even graphic, in their depiction of what's going on behind all the codewords," she said.

    Plain and simple: If you get your period, you can say whatever the hell you want with zero shame.

    You can see more of Layla Ehsan's "Menstruisms" series, head to her Instagram page @Teenywolf or check out her website.