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    These Horrifyingly Satisfying Photos Of "Baby Foot" Will Haunt You

    Warning: Look away if you can't handle peeling skin.

    To most people, this is a baby foot:

    But to anyone who has some callused feet covered in dead skin, this is Baby Foot:

    Maybe you're unfamiliar with Baby Foot. That's okay! But if the bottoms of your feet look like this, you'll want to check this out.

    Basically, you seal these little baggies onto your feet for an hour and then wash away the gel it leaves behind.

    Then, 3-7 days after that, the dead skin on your feet PEELS AWAY.

    Your feet look like mutants. Disgusting, peeling, gross mutants.

    Fair warning: If you feel ill at the sight of dead skin coming off feet, you may want to look away.

    BUT, there's a light at the end of this disgusting tunnel!

    Because when your feet are done going through their metamorphosis, they come out looking like smooth, soft butterflies.

    Do you see this transformation?

    It is HORRIFYING but it is GLORIOUS.

    But JFC, does it work.