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The Couples Bucket List You'll Actually Want To Do

Yes, "having a marshmallow fight" is on here.

1. Do a tour of the best [insert your favorite food here] in your city.

2. Go tech-free for an entire 24 hours.

3. Become regulars somewhere you love.

4. Dog-sit (or pet-sit, whatever) for a friend.

5. Have a marshmallow fight.

6. Find solid double date partners you enjoy.

7. Play a game of Messy Twister.

8. Play Hide & Seek in Ikea.

9. Build a pillow fort.

10. Play 20 Questions.

11. Make a board game together.

12. Take a road trip together.

13. Make a "date night" jar.

You can do this with paper or popsicle sticks or basically any flat material you can write on. Use different colors to denote different categories (like cost or amount of planning necessary) and then use the jar throughout your relationship when you need date ideas. Get some ideas for the jar here.

14. Get a couples massage.

15. Read the same book (at the same time).

16. Plan a trip to somewhere you've never been.

17. Test drive a new car (even if you're not in the market).

18. Mail each other a handwritten letter.

19. Climb something together.

20. Prank call a mutual friend.

21. Spend an entire day talking in accents.

22. Spend time volunteering in your community.

23. Make a time capsule.

24. Start a random, new tradition together.