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The Couples Bucket List You'll Actually Want To Do

Yes, "having a marshmallow fight" is on here.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. Do a tour of the best [insert your favorite food here] in your city.

Flickr: Thepizzareview/Creative Commons / Via

Do you and your significant other love pasta? Cupcakes? Sushi? Gluten-free pizza? Pick the food you both love, then map out all of the restaurants where you can get that food. Set out on the tour and find the best one in your city.

2. Go tech-free for an entire 24 hours.

Flickr: jonathan_s/Creative Commons / Via

Turn off your phones, computers, televisions, tablets, iPods, stereos, and whatever else is a technological distraction for a full 24 hours and enjoy the company of your significant other. Try it once, and you may want to make it a regular thing because you'll feel free as a bird.

3. Become regulars somewhere you love.

Flickr: Chichacha/Creative Commons / Via

At the coffee shop where you met, or the pizza place you go to on Fridays, or the restaurant where you know the owners. You're going to feel pretty baller when you've been a regular long enough that you can say, "We'll have the usual."

4. Dog-sit (or pet-sit, whatever) for a friend.

Flickr: Acousticskyy/Creative Commons / Via

Even if you already have a pet, offer to pet-sit for your friends for an entire day. The new energy will restore your soul. Also, you'll get to play with animals all day. Win-win, guys.

5. Have a marshmallow fight.

Flickr: Markoz46/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: markoz46

Have you ever thrown a marshmallow at someone? Really, try it once and you'll be hooked. It's cheap, it's all in good fun, and the clean up is hella easy.

6. Find solid double date partners you enjoy.

Flickr: xxxr/Creative Commons / Via

When you're a couple, finding your double date soulmates can be really hard. But once you find them, never let them go. The magical key here is for each of the four people to get along in every combination of two together.

7. Play a game of Messy Twister.

Kid Friendly Fun / Via

This one works best outside. Grab green, yellow, blue, and red acrylic paint, then pour each color on the corresponding Twister board dots. Pro tip: Wear clothes you don't care about ruining!

8. Play Hide & Seek in Ikea.

Flickr: Infomatique/Creative Commons / Via

Pretend Ikea is your home (like you don't already do that when you go to Ikea) and play the most epic game of Hide & Seek.

9. Build a pillow fort.

Flickr: Dearmax/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dearmax

When the weather is crappy and you're going to be staying inside anyway, build a fort with pillows, blankets, and any other cozy things you can find in your house. Light some candles, put on a movie, and enjoy a good fort cuddle.

10. Play 20 Questions.

Flickr: MilosMilsovec/Creative Commons / Via

Depending on how long you've been shacking up with your S.O., you may already know most of the basics. Try to ask 20 of the most random questions you can think of and you'll learn more than you thought possible. Or, if you want to stare longingly into each others eyes, try asking some of the 36 questions proven to make two people fall in love.

11. Make a board game together.

Flickr: Jimmehomeschoolmom/Creative Commons / Via

Maybe you're both really into grammar. Or maybe you met at the Lord of the Rings booth at Comic Con. Or perhaps you're both obsessed with making a new, sexed up version of Clue. Spend time devising and making a board game you can play together. Coming up with the game will be as much fun as playing it later!

12. Take a road trip together.

Flickr: zachancell/Creative Commons / Via

Before you head out, make a road trip play list you can listen to in the car. Leave town with no destination. It's about the journey.

13. Make a "date night" jar.

You can do this with paper or popsicle sticks or basically any flat material you can write on. Use different colors to denote different categories (like cost or amount of planning necessary) and then use the jar throughout your relationship when you need date ideas. Get some ideas for the jar here.

14. Get a couples massage.

Flickr: Hotelcasavelas/Creative Commons / Via

This just feels amazing.

15. Read the same book (at the same time).

Flickr: Philip Edmondson/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: philipedmondson

Choose a book that you'll both love, then read it simultaneously. Periodically stop when you're both on the same chapter to discuss what's going on, then have a larger talk at the end. Books form bonds.

16. Plan a trip to somewhere you've never been.

Flickr: Tranchis/Creative Commons / Via

Find a place where you both want to visit but neither of you have been before, then plan a trip! Whether it's a couple hours away from where you live or it's a plane ride to Europe, pick a destination and break new ground together.

17. Test drive a new car (even if you're not in the market).

Dangubic for iStockphoto / Via Getty Images

Go to a car dealership and ask to test drive the car of your dreams (or literally any car that's different from the one you drive). Have fun taking that baby for a spin!

18. Mail each other a handwritten letter.

Flickr: kylesteeddesigns/Creative Commons / Via

Take time to write a handwritten letter, stick that sucker in an envelope, slap a stamp on it, and put it in the mailbox. You'll be all excited in a few days when you remember that you're getting snail mail that's not a bill.

19. Climb something together.

Flickr: carbonnyc/Creative Commons / Via

Go on a hike, climb a mountain, take on that really big escalator in the mall, whatever. Work to climb something together and revel in the beauty of the summit when you reach the top together.

20. Prank call a mutual friend.

Flickr: mag3737/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mag3737

To get around the caller ID thing, press *67 before you dial your friend's phone number so it can be anonymous.

21. Spend an entire day talking in accents.

Yanidel / Via

You can choose an accent an hour, or stay with the same accent for the entire day, or each choose different accents and switch in the afternoon. Whichever you decide, just try not laughing the whole time.

22. Spend time volunteering in your community.

Flickr: mcas_cherry_point/Creative Commons / Via

Go to a pet shelter, or a soup kitchen, or a homeless shelter, or wherever and volunteer your time together. You'll be doing good for others and forming a bond with each other.

23. Make a time capsule.

Flickr: joeflintham/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: joeflintham

Write letters to your future selves, put in pictures, movie stubs, concert tickets, or any other mementos you want to save. Then, store the box away until an agreed upon open date, and you'll be able to look back at a snapshot of another time together.

24. Start a random, new tradition together.

Flickr: Adwriter/Creative Commons / Via

You want to lay in a hammock on the first Saturday of every month? Do it! Want to buy each other candy hearts in July? Make it happen. Dying to eat at the same restaurant on every anniversary? You do you. Start a fun, new tradition together and enjoy every moment.