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    23 Things You'll Only Relate To If You're Slightly Obsessed With Makeup

    It's not a game and I'm not playing around.

    1. Makeup addicts do NOT mess around.

    2. This ain't no game and we ain't no players.

    @fleurdelisclinique / Via

    3. We have priorities and we stick to them.

    @sparklenshimmer / Via

    4. Our makeup bag is bae.

    @herbeautynews / Via

    5. And the only reason we'd get rid of that bag is for an upgrade.

    @madeforglam / Via

    6. The only "trends" we follow come straight from our favorite YouTubers.

    @yourstruly_vic / Via

    7. We know about every palette, lipstick shade, and mascara formula months before it's released.

    @makeup_memes / Via

    8. In fact, we plan our entire budget around the new releases.

    @sinful_rouge / Via

    9. Because we have PLANS for those products.

    @shawtytaughtme / Via

    10. We have DREAMS for those little babies.

    @makeuplexington / Via

    11. It takes a long time to find the perfect shade...

    @angeldust_beauty / Via

    12. ...but when we do, we hold onto it forever.

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    13. When you believe in the power of beauty products, you see the world differently.

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    14. You love and accept all.

    @beautybydaniela / Via

    15. You command respect.

    @talakaymakeupartist / Via

    16. And you respect your work.

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    17. Listen, makeup is a journey and you EARNED these stripes.

    @makeupbymehaak / Via

    18. Whoever is telling you to wear less makeup can get to leaving.

    @madeforglam / Via

    19. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

    @makeupbabble / Via

    20. Makeup is straight up MAGIC.

    @imjustthegirl_nextdoor / Via

    21. Something as simple as eyeliner can make you feel like a goddamn KWEEN.

    @makeupbynicolen / Via

    22. At the end of the day, this is where your happiness lies.

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    There is NOTHING wrong with being happy about wearing makeup.

    23. And above all else, you know this to be true:

    @helenamolle / Via

    To whatever degree you're addicted to makeup, you're awesome.