17 Royally-Inspired Gifts For Anyone Obsessed With British Royalty

    From Kate Middleton's blowout perfecter to Meghan Markle's famous quote on a phone case, fans of the British royals will love these gifts.

    1. This Diana & Kate & Meghan shirt for your friend who is a fan of all three of the most amazing women to grace the monarchy with their presence.

    2. This mug with a lovely illustration of Meghan Markle's wedding dress.

    3. Black velvet trimming is the ~affordable~ way to get Kate's picturesque ponytail bow, decidedly her go-to hair accessory for 2018.

    4. For your friend who loves Meghan AND baking, get them this cookie cutter shaped like the Duchess of Sussex's silhouette (messy bun included, obviously).

    5. Gift a pair of Kate Middleton's favorite sneakers, the Superga Cotu 2750 Classic in white.

    6. This "Focus less on the glass slippers and more on the glass ceilings" quote phone case is honestly the best thing women can be reminded of, thanks to Meghan.

    7. This So Many Thoughts™ t-shirt is *Italian chef kisses fingers* for anyone who follows @Eholmes royal sartorial coverage on Instagram stories.

    8. Have your friend read up on Princess Diana the best way possible: In Her Own Words.

    9. Then gift Together: Our Community Cookbook, which HRH The Duchess of Sussex put together to benefit the local groups of women who gathered to cook for the community after the Grenfell Tower fire in London.

    10. Gift a set of British Royals Funko Pops, which are sold both together and separately (if your friend has a favorite).

    11. Kate's signature blowout is created with the help of Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom, which aids in making hair, well, silky.

    12. "Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance" is an instant classic with a high re-watchability factor.

    13. This Princess Diana prayer candle will help illuminate hopes and dreams in the best possible way.

    14. This Y7 Dad Cap, one of Meghan's favorites B.H. (Before Harry) when she would hit up Y7 yoga. #NoBadEnergy

    15. Get an Invictus Games t-shirt to cheer on Prince Harry's international adaptive sporting event.

    16. This Queen Liz and corgi cross stitch pattern is perfect for the royal enthusiast who loves crafting.

    17. This Buckingham Palace Coat of Arms biscuit tin is to be enjoyed twice: Once while there are cookies inside, and again for the rest of the tin's life.

    God save the queen!