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    This UV Light-Protection Glove Will Change Gel Manicures Forever

    It's set to be on sale June 2016.

    Gel manicures are a damn GIFT from above.

    But if you get them on the regular and you're not using some kind of protection on your hands under the UV lamp, you could be putting your hands in danger of UV damage and premature aging.

    "Just put sunscreen on your hands and you'll be fine!" you say. Nah, man. That'll just be washed off while you're getting the rest of your manicure service.

    SO. There's this new lil' thing called a YouVee Shield and it sounds super legit.

    According to developers, wearing the specially designed glove during your gel mani will block 99.9% of the UV light that would have been hitting your hands.

    All you do is poke your fingers through these little slits right before you begin the gel application process.

    And because it's made with comfortable, stretchy plastic, you can flex and move your fingers whenever you need to during the process.

    Right now, the product is still raising money for production on Indiegogo. It is, however, available to purchase now, and costs about $1 per set of gloves with discounts for bulk purchases.

    To read more about the YouVee Shield, check out their Indiegogo page here.