People Are Outraged Over This Mannequin With Impossibly Thin Legs

    "How does it even stand?"

    Oasis is a U.K.-based clothing company.

    On Tuesday, Twitter user @rhiannonlucyc posted this picture of a mannequin at an Oasis store.

    This is disgusting, damaging and irresponsible @oasisfashion, not to mention really weird.

    "This is disgusting, damaging and irresponsible @oasisfashion, not to mention really weird," Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett tweeted.

    The mannequin's legs are impossibly thin.

    Cosslett told BuzzFeed Life that the photograph was taken by her roommate, Katherine Baker, while she was shopping in Westfield in Shepherd's Bush in London.

    Twitter users immediately responded to the photo, calling the mannequin irresponsible.

    @rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion in what world does anyone think this a) looks good b) is responsible?

    The mannequin's legs were compared to matchsticks...

    @rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion it just looks like they lost their mannequins legs and made do with match sticks.

    ...and extra arms.

    @rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion maybe they're using spare parts? this is what it really should look like

    People asked how the mannequin could even stand.

    @rhiannonlucyc @VagendaMagazine @OasisFashion My 16 y/o daughter just asked "How does it stand?". Quite. Reprehensible.

    Poor body image was immediately brought into the conversation.

    @rhiannonlucyc @VagendaMagazine @OasisFashion This is a genuinely disturbing, distorting and irresponsible #bodyimage message.

    And in general, people are like, WTF?

    @rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion FFS IS THIS A JOKE? STICKS AS LEGS???

    One Twitter user came to defend Oasis, though.

    @HarrietLongshaw @rhiannonlucyc @OasisFashion who aspires to be a mannequin?!

    A representative for Oasis told BuzzFeed Life, "Our mannequins ... in no way any attempt to accurately portray true-to-life proportions."

    The representative continued, "Oasis ... understands the recent debates which have unfolded and therefore the business is in the process of reviewing new mannequins styles."