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31 No-Heat Hairstyles To Get You Through A Hot AF Summer

This way, you can make it through an entire month without a blow dryer.

Get inspired by these hair ideas to create new styles on yourself!

1. Use an old T-shirt to get these halo curls overnight.

2. Try this beautiful braided updo.

3. Cheat the fishtail braid with this alternative.

4. Give yourself a twist-out overnight with this easy tutorial.

5. A simple braided ponytail is always a winner.

6. Pin back your waves in practically no time at all.

7. Wrap everything up in a stunning turban.

8. Add a few flowers to your hair for this summer style.

9. Use Bantu knots to create this super-kinky style.

10. Get edgy with a frohawk.

11. Twist up half your length.

12. Twist your hair in two sections overnight for ~effortless~ beach waves.

13. Or tease your hair into this perfectly messy updo.

14. Combine two beauteous braids for this style.

15. Twist and pin to your heart's content.

16. Opt for a braided updo to keep your hair out of your face.

17. Get awesome curls overnight with this technique.

18. Braid the front of your hair into a flawless headband.

19. Spin and pin for a cute French twist.

20. Go for this half-up braid.

21. Or choose this variation instead.

22. Keep your hair wet and style it into this double bun.

23. Braid four sections and pin your hair into this pretty updo.

24. Use a silk headscarf to accessorize with color.

25. Style your wet hair into this pretty chignon.

26. Pin your hair into three mini buns.

27. Keep things simple with a dainty braided headband.

28. Or twist your hair into these playful loops.

29. Try these cornrows to keep all of your hair out of your face and in place.

30. Go for two braided pigtails that work well on short hair.

31. This easy braided bun is perfect for wet or dry hair.

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