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    17 Ridiculously Good Tips For Anyone Who Wears A Bra

    For the days when your breasts have to go to Boob Jail.

    1. Here's the easiest way to make sure a strapless bra stays in place.

    2. If you're thinking of going with another kind of over-the-shoulder boulder-holder, these are the basic options.

    3. Make sure you're getting yourself the best bra shape for your breast type.

    4. Use this bra-fitting guide as a point of reference for measuring yourself.

    5. This is what all of those ~sizes~ actually mean.

    6. There's a big difference between partial- and full-band bras.

    7. Confused about the band to bust ratio? This'll help:

    8. Oh look! A handy guide to sister sizes*!

    9. Follow these steps to adjust the straps and back band clasp so the bra fits properly.

    10. To find the perfect sports bra, use this handy flowchart.

    11. In general, here's how to get the most out of your bra.

    12. Wondering whether it's time to wash your bra? This flowchart can help you decide.

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    And now for some DIY ~knowledge.~

    13. Underwire sticking out? Fix it with some moleskin padding.

    14. Or, if your straps are constantly peeking out of your shirts, sew in a strap snap.

    15. For a dress with a low back, follow these steps to create an extender.

    16. Get your own DIY bralette with this tutorial.

    17. Make yourself a hanging bra organizer.

    Happy bra-ing!