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    Men Are Posting Selfies In Their Underwear With The Hashtag #Manties

    Warning: You may need to cool yourself off after scrolling through these photos.

    Behold! Men are stripping down to their bloomers and posting selfies to Instagram with the hashtag #Manties.

    "Manties," or "man panties," come in all colors, shapes and sizes.

    They can be worn with crop tops.

    Or underneath transparent pants for a ~scandalous~ look.

    Some men like their manties scrunched.

    While other men take it to the next level.

    Men are manty-ing alone...

    At the beach...

    And with their friends!

    So don't be alarmed if you see some manties in your newsfeed.

    They just want to be your friend.

    World of Wonder / Via