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Maybelline Is Releasing Baby Lips Gloss, Making Your Dreams A Reality

Pucker the F up.

If you wear lip balm, you've probably heard of Baby Lips.

You may even own a few.

In fact, you probably have an entire collection of sticks at the bottom of your purse.

Because they feel so ~decadent~ and you need them in every color.

Good news for the Baby Lips wearing world: They just announced Baby Lips gloss. *Cue screams*

Get ready gorgeous - @MaybellineCAN #BabyLips lip gloss is coming! #Maybelline100 #bornwithit

Brb freaking out.

It's all going down this June.

And some stores have already started carrying the glosses.

You can get them in a creamy finish.


But they come in this magical shimmering finish, too.

*Fans self*

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