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    MAC Cosmetics Is Making Star Trek Makeup And Everyone Is Bugging Out

    Beam me up, MAC.

    ALERT TO ALL TREKKIES: MAC Cosmetics is launching a Star Trek makeup collection in honor of its 50th anniversary.

    MAC Cosmetics

    All of the makeup will be available on in September 2016.

    The 25-piece collection will include lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish, and more.

    MAC Cosmetics

    And it's based on the most badass Star Trek ladies. Like damn Seven Of Nine!

    Getty Images

    I see you, Uhura!

    Paramount Pictures

    Fans are already freaking out.

    @vr00mie / Via Twitter: @vr00mie


    @marcyhallows / Via Twitter: @MarcyHallows

    Excitement abounds!

    @macrosalei / Via Twitter: @MacRoSaLei

    You heard 'em: Load credit card and prepare to fire glitter.

    @trekkiegirls / Via Twitter: @TrekkieGirls

    And TBH, if the collection could be available at all of the conventions, that'd be pretty iconic.

    @marcyhallows / Via Twitter: @MarcyHallows

    And remember, no one is worth ruining your lipstick for. Not even Captain Kirk.

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