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17 People Who Will Make You Want A Tandem Bike

Ridin' dirty.

1. These dudes know what's up.

2. And these two have their method down pat.

Flickr User: Tomislavmavrovic / Via Flickr: tomislavmavrovic

3. Love has two wheels and two seats.

4. Those who bike together, stay together.

5. When one partner is tired, the other can be strong.

6. Peace, love, and tandem bikes.

7. And when your tandem bike isn't enough, just add wheels!

8. There will always be someone who wants to ride a bike with you.

9. No partner is too small.

10. You can explore new places together!

11. Tandem bikes have been bringing people together forever.

12. There's no raining on this tandem bike parade.

14. Or own the streets with your friends.

15. Dino-cylcing is the best cycling.

Flickr User: Doviende / Via Flickr: doviende

16. Hop on that bike and harmonize!
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