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Here's How The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Changed Over 20 Years

1997 got weird.

1995 Victoria's Secret looked HELLA different.

And 1996 looked like it was straight out of a bridal mag.

In 1997, Naomi Campbell wore this black Dracula overcoat thing.

Tyra showed up in these granny panties in '98.

This model was suspended over the runway to sprinkle fairy dust (?????) on the audience in 1999.

Gisele looked like a straight mermaid with legs in 2000.

Someone was really into Angel suspension in '01.

PETA crashed the show in 2002 and Gisele still looked like a goddamn professional.

2003 was all animal print, all the time.

In 2004 there was a Pink spring break collection...?

In 2005, Tyra had a sceptor because she was KWEEN.

Lottttts of white in 2006.

Remember when Heidi Klum was a special snowflake in 2007?

...and then in 2008 when she wore a bow at least six times her size?

In 2009, women fearlessly walked in heels with balloon capes trailing behind them.

2010's theme was evidently "Females Are Strong As Hell."

Let us all take a moment to remember Nicki Minaj's performance in 2011.

And also Rihanna's performance in 2012.

Ah, 2013, the year of emojis.

Taylor and Karlie dominated the runway in 2014.

And in 2015, Maria Borges made history, being the first black model to walk the runway with natural hair. SLAYYYYY!