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17 Important Tips For Making The Most Of Curly Hair

With curls, every day is an adventure.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Determine your curl type before you determine your course of action.

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Each curl type requires a different type of care and different type of product. Find your hair type here to learn how best to care for your locks.

2. Make a DIY gel at home for a natural option that will help with frizz and the "poufy" look that can happen so often.

The Happy Hunters
The Happy Hunters

You'll need flax seed and water, but you can also add grapefruit seed extract and essential oil for extra moisture and fragrance. For the entire recipe, head to The Happy Hunters.

3. Make sure you're getting a haircut specifically for curly hair.

4. Flip your head upside down to use a diffuser.

Hair Romance / Via

Once you've shampooed and conditioned your hair, ring out excess water with your fingers and a cotton T-shirt. Flip your head over and use a diffuser to dry your hair about 80% of the way through. The diffuser will give your hair more curls and less frizz. See the entire tutorial here.

5. Get natural volume by using double prong clips to clip up your roots while your hair is still damp.

Folica / Via

They'll hold up the curls until they dry for volume without any more product.

6. Following these 10 tips will help your curls flourish.

Naturally Curly / Via

Very important: Love your curls!

7. Exfoliate your scalp to get rid of product buildup. / Via

A scalp exfoliator will help clean your hair follicles so your curls can live their life. All you'll need is brown sugar and conditioner. See the full tutorial here.

8. Steer clear of brushes unless you want to completely destroy your hair.

"Brushing the hair will expand and fan out the curls while ripping/tearing the protective cuticle layer of the hair shaft, causing frizz and damage to the hair. Using a wide-tooth comb while the hair is wet helps easily detangle hair while setting the shape without causing breakage," Ouidad says.

9. Apply product while your hair is still wet.

Stefan Krause / Via Getty Images

Using product while your hair is still wet means you'll be getting the most consistent and even saturation which will be the base of any style you choose.

10. Invest in a deep conditioning mask.

11. Or DIY a coconut oil mask for insanely hydrated hair.

Made2Style / Via

Here's the entire recipe.

12. Get body without frizz by using your fingertips.

"To open up your curls and get body without the frizz, take your fingers along the scalp and massage throughout in a small circular motion. This will allow the style to loosen without disrupting the curl pattern," says Ouidad.

13. Instead of washing your hair every day, just use a refresher spray.

14. Or, skip washing your hair entirely and go no-poo.

15. Get a deep-conditioning treatment about two weeks before coloring your hair to minimize damage.

M-imagephotography / Via Getty Images

"Curly hair structure, being in a corkscrew shape with the cuticle layer opened, is naturally more fragile and dehydrated than straight hair," Ouidad says. "Hair color, no matter how gentle or natural, can be further damaging. Taking the proper precautions before a service, like a deep-conditioning treatment a few weeks before, can make all the difference."

16. If you're trying to grow out your curls, use these tips.

NaturallyCurly / Via

The curlier the hair, the more shrinkage there will be. To help your hair grow as best as possible, make sure you're conditioning, detangling, massaging your scalp, eating healthy foods, and avoiding heat-styling tools as much as possible.

17. Use products specifically made for curly hair and learn how to use them properly.

Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed Design

Get the cap that turns any blow dryer into a diffuser, or the Diva Dryer hair towel that lets curls dry without ruining their shape. Here's the full list of amazing curly hair products.

Love live your curls.

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