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    14 Crucial Tips For Anyone Who Washes Their Face

    Your skin depends on it.

    1. Makeup wipes do not equal washing your face.

    2. Never — ever — wash your face with bar soap.

    3. Instead of using some kind of cleansing aid, just use your fingers to clean your face.

    4. But your hands are basically filthy all of the time, so wash your mitts before you wash your face.

    5. And using upward, circular motions are best.

    6. Over-washing your face can actually lead to breakouts.

    7. Sad news: Hot showers are actually terrible for your skin.

    8. If your skin's looking extra thirsty, look for products with hylauronic acid.

    9. But if your skin's only dry in certain areas, use a heavier ointment like Aquaphor twice a day.

    10. For oily skin, cleansers with salicylic acid get shit done.

    11. And you can target these oily areas with salicylic or glycolic acid instead of using the product all over your face.

    12. Try multi-masking if you've got combination skin.

    13. "Exfoliating" doesn't always mean "scrubbing."

    14. And finally, use a clean towel to dry your face — not just the hand towel you have in your bathroom.