This $1 Trick Will Help You Get Amazing, Even Eyebrows

    So your brows can look like sisters, not third cousins twice removed.

    Eyebrows can *literally* change your entire face.

    But filling them in doesn't always go so well.

    Thankfully, there's a stupidly easy way to make your brows look like sisters — not estranged third cousins once removed — and it costs ONE DOLLAR.

    If you haven't yet heard of eyebrow stencils, buckle the fuck up. They will change the way you do your brows forever.

    YouTuber Taylor Kimler's got eyebrow stencils down to a science.

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    Why they're so great: You can literally follow guidelines and your face will be shielded from any excess powder.

    First, line up the stencil over your brow, matching up the head, arch, and tail as best as possible.

    Next, take a powder color about one or two shades lighter than your natural brow and sweep the powder over the stencil with a brush.

    Once you feel ready, remove the stencil. BAM! That brow's coming along realllll nice.

    Then if you feel like you need even more definition, go back into the brow with a smaller brush and a darker powder to accentuate the shape you've already drawn.

    Here's to even eyebrows!