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    7 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Make Your Shoes Hella Comfortable

    Your dogs will be barking no more.

    1. Line the inside of a shoe with a panty liner to absorb sweat and to keep your foot from slipping.

    2. Tape your third and fourth toes together before wearing heels.

    3. Sandpaper the soles of the shoes for better traction.

    4. Use Strappy Strips Foot Cushions in the straps of your heels to keep from getting cuts and blisters.

    5. Break in a new pair of heels by wearing a pair of thick winter socks with them around the house.

    6. Use a numbing spray on your feet about 10 minutes before you put on an uncomfortable pair of shoes.

    7. Spray the inside of your heels with hairspray so your foot doesn't slip around.

    Go forth and wear your shoes in peace, guys.