How To Make Any Boobs Look Bigger

As told by a drag queen.

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2. Meet Scarlet Envy.

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She’s a drag queen based in Brooklyn, New York. She also happens to be a goddamn genius when it comes to making boobs out of nothing.

3. Here’s what Scarlet looks like with and without her cleavage makeup.

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Pretty remarkable, right?

4. Turns out, getting your boobs to look this full just calls for some makeup.

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It’s just like contouring for your face, but for your bust. Sure, you likely won’t contour your chest on the regular, but if you feel like playing around with a different look, makeup makes it easy.

5. Because Scarlet Envy has done this so many times, she’s a pro. Here, she shares her cleavage contouring process for the women of the world who feel like enhancing the girls a bit.

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We especially recommend this for times if you’re feeling like you want a little enhancing when pictures will be taken of you (because it photographs really well!).

6. Here are the tools you’ll need:

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• A flesh-toned palette of cream makeup (we used this one from Mehron)
• Translucent pressed powder
• Flat brush
• Fluffy brush
• Makeup sponges (optional)

7. Step 1: Using your flat brush, use a cream color about two shades deeper than your skin tone to draw your first breast.

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Scarlet’s big tip? Follow the shape of an underwire bra and simply make an “over wire.” Taper the line to be thinner as it goes up, and stop at about the 12 o’clock spot on your breast.

8. Step 2: Do the same thing on your opposite side.

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“It’s actually really easy to do this if you’re flat-chested, because you have a completely blank canvas and can really make your boobs as big as you want,” Scarlet says. Blend the lines with your brush until they’re shades, not harsh lines.

9. Step 3: Now dip your brush in the next deepest shade. Apply this at the bottom curve of your “cleavage,” where a shadow would naturally happen.

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If your dress doesn’t go this low, create the shadow at the lowest part of your bra where the two cups connect in the center of your chest.

10. Step 4: Using your brush, start blending the darkest color.

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Gently brush the shading in, toward your nipple, to get rid of the harsh line and make it look like a natural shadow. Continue blending up and over, until you have more of a shaded look rather than harsh lines. If you feel more comfortable using a makeup sponge for this part, that works too! Just gently tap the sponge against your skin to blend.

11. Step 5: Use your fluffy brush to dust translucent powder over the contouring.

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It. Will. Not. Budge.

12. (Optional) Step 6: Have an attractive bearded man hand you your makeup as you need it.

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Because it doesn’t hurt.

Photos by Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed Photo/Design by Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed Design

14. Now, you’re probably wondering how cleavage makeup works on women’s breasts.

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We wondered the same thing, so we had Scarlet contour the breasts of three women with all different bust sizes.

15. The results: boobs that appeared undeniably larger.

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“My nickname in high school was The Ironing Board. I’m super flat-chested, and before this, I never knew what having cleavage felt like, so there was definitely an adjustment period. Once I got used to it, though, I was like, ‘I need to make plans for tonight and stay out as late as possible to get the most use out of this stuff!’” says Augusta (above).

16. No matter the bust size of the woman, the contouring trick totally worked.

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When asked if she thought she could apply it herself at home, Daniela (above) said, “Yeah, for sure, and I’m super lazy.” So there you have it.

17. Like contouring on your face, cleavage contouring shows up particularly well in photos.

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Daniela said, “I showed my boyfriend and he said it looked better in pictures than it did in real life. Then I showed a friend who said, ‘WOW, where did those come from!?’ as in, she had no idea I even had boobs, so it got mixed reviews.”

18. Even if you already have cleavage, some boob makeup can really work to enhance it.

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Alexis (above) said, “I generally feel pretty good about my cleavage. I don’t have particularly large boobs, but I’ve always liked the way they look in the right shirt with the right bra. But I definitely feel boob envy when I see someone whose boob game is significantly stronger than mine.

I felt GREAT about the contouring. I couldn’t really see the process when it was going on, but when I looked down and looked in the mirror the effect was really pronounced. I wanted to take a million pictures all sprawled out on a couch like, ‘Come to mama!’ Boudoir-like, you know?”

19. The proof is in the pudding.

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“I think the phrase I used was ‘it’s so dark and mysterious down there’ when I saw how shaded and plump my boobs looked with the makeup. I meant that in a good way. My breasts looked very vampy, like they held many wise and wonderful secrets,” Alexis said.

Makeup Artist: Scarlet Envy (Instagram: @ScarletEnvy)
Models: Daniela Cadena, Alexis Nedd, Augusta Falletta, Brett David

Some products featured in this post were provided to BuzzFeed Life.

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