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17 Genius Tricks For Getting The Best Damn Eyebrows Of Your Life

Brow down.

1. First of all, figure out what you're working with.

Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed

That way, you'll be able to figure out whether you should add, subtract, or change the shape of your brows. More here.

3. As a rule of thumb, the head (AKA where the brow begins) of your eyebrows should line up with your nostrils.

Don't remove hair past that point.


5. Use a brow pencil to fill in your brows BEFORE you pluck so you don't overdo it.

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To really make the outlying hairs obvious, use a brighter pencil color (like white) and wipe it off with makeup remover when you're done.

7. Once you've plucked, use a spoolie brush to brush up your brows. Any hairs that stick up above the brow line can be trimmed with a small pair of nail scissors.


10. If you're using a pencil, use short, hair-like strokes to mimic the natural look of your brow.

11. You can use a gel with a brush for ~volumized~ brows, and it'll also help fill in sparse spots.

RAEView / Via

Gently brush the pomade onto your brows with and against the grain for total coverage. Benefit Gimme Brow is especially good for this.


12. If your brows are extra thin and you need some serious fill in action, use a pomade and a slanted brow brush.

Anastasia Dipbrow works like magic, but practice makes perfect. Watch the full tutorial here.

13. Or just go all out with every product there is.

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Start with pencil, blend everything with a spoolie brush, fill in with gel, then use a highlighter just underneath.

15. Or, if you're not into doing your brows every day, you can get them professionally tinted.

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Check reviews on Yelp before making an appointment. Depending on the treatment, it can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks.


16. You can also go the route of eyelash extensions for special occasions (because they sometimes don't last longer than a week).

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