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    #HangoverMakeup Is The New Trend That Has Women Making Their Eyes Look Red And Puffy

    And there are even tutorials on how to look hungover.

    #HangoverMakeup, or the trend of making your face look like you're hungover, originated in Asia.

    One of the main components of hangover makeup is called "aegyo-sal" (which means "charming fat") and it highlights the puffiness under eyes.

    To get the look, women use a darker eyeshadow in the crease underneath their eyes to give the illusion of puffiness.

    The aegyo-sal technique ends up looking something like this:

    The second component of the look is a bit of blush under the eyes.

    Then, some eyeliner is lightly smudged, and voila! Hangover makeup.

    Instead of sleeping in their makeup, they're making a fresh face look like it's been slept on.

    Here's to a happy hangover to all.