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14 Life-Changing Hair Products For People Who Are Lazy AF

Life is too short to spend all of your time on your hair.

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1. This squishy, moldable wrap-up tool gives you a really fancy-looking bun with no bobby pins and very little effort.

2. This flat iron is meant to straighten hair directly from when it's wet so you don't have to bother with the heat devil that is the blow dryer.

3. Instead of using a hair mask that tells you to "apply and let sit for 20 minutes," use this deep conditioner that only takes three minutes in the shower to work.

4. Get yourself a root touch-up spray to take care of color between going to your salon and to make your hair look fuller at your part.

5. Instead of learning how to braid, buy a hairpiece or headband for the front of your hair and you can literally just clip it the fuck on your head.

6. Use a straightening brush to brush your hair smooth instead of dealing with the B.S. of a flat iron.

7. If you're trying to grow your hair out faster, try taking a daily supplement that can help speed the process along.

8. Twist two coiled bobby pins into your hair instead of looking around your entire house and in every purse you own for 20 regular bobby pins.

9. Wear a bracelet that's built to fit hair ties inside of it so you don't lose them all the time.

10. Use a coiled, plastic hair tie to avoid getting those annoying-ass ponytail bumps that you have to re-straighten.

11. Get a hair powder that's part dry shampoo, part hair volumizer to get a few extra days out of your styling (and a few extra days without having to wash your hair).

12. The next time you're traveling, pack a few anti-frizz hair sheets in your bag to make yourself look like an adult-ish lady after you get off the plane — or any other time during the trip.

13. Get yourself a cute lil' shower cap so you can keep your hair dry and not look like a complete grandma while doing so.

14. Use a style extender to get more life out of your blown out, curled, or flat ironed hair.