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    21 Summer Tops That Are Perfect For People Who Are Always Hot

    Shoulders are the new cleavage, yanno?

    1. Maybe you're into feeling like a Fancy Lady, in which case this lace shirt has your name on it.

    Get it here for $26.90.

    2. Oh, you're into tie-dye? Try this guy.

    Get it here for $19.95.

    3. This striped number from Zara is FLOWY.

    Get it here for $49.90.

    4. Summer's the perfect time for a shoulder-less crop top.

    Get the top here for $37.48.

    5. Get into this situation if you want to feel like you're going to a pinkies-up garden party.

    Get it here for $49.90.

    6. Someone grab this shirt a margarita.

    7. In da mood for some side cutouts? You do you.

    Get it here for $27.

    8. You want some pom-poms? Enjoy this cold shoulder shirt.

    Get it here for $25.90.

    9. This thing is giving all kinds of earthy vibes.

    Get it here for $29.95.

    10. You're more into the sheer floral look? Got you covered.

    Get it in black or navy here for $22.99.

    11. This ruffled top can be dressed up or down.

    Get it here for $44.95.

    12. This crochet blouse is dainty as hell.

    Get it here for $39.95.

    13. You want to feel like a mermaid? This will make you feel like a mermaid.

    Get it here for $39.90.

    14. This shirt wants you to go out dancing.

    15. Try this crop top that belongs in Hawaii.

    Get it here for $24.95.

    16. OoOoO, try this abstract floral pattern.

    Get it here for $29.17.

    17. This super cozy T-shirt is equal parts comfy and ~flirty.~

    Get it here for $67.99.

    18. You'll feel like a swanky lady with this black peplum.

    Get it here for $29.17.

    19. This is maybe the most casual-yet-fancy shirt in existence.

    Get it here for $29.

    20. OMG look at the ties on the sleeves of this blouse!

    Get it here for $78.

    21. What's that? You're looking for the perfect business casual combo? Here, fam.

    Get it here for $24.99.

    Enjoy those cold shoulders!