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New Glitter Roots Hair Trend Has Women Dumping Sparkles Onto Their Heads

But really, how do you wash this out?

For a lot of people, this is what comes to mind when the word "roots" comes up.

Natasaadzic / Getty Images

Some (cooler) people probably think of The Roots.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

But now Instagram is being taken over by a new, ~edgy~ kind of roots: glitter.

@jayjaded / Via

People are dumping glitter onto their scalps...

lola_chatterton / Via

..."for fashion."

@mariastress / Via

Sometimes it's fine, concentrated lines of glitter.

@pastelheartfrenzy / Via

Other times, it's a buttload of sparkles.

@charlanniie / Via

It can be a tasteful sprinkling...

@sarina_flores / Via

...or a full-on metallic attack.

@itsmeshell2010 / Via

There does seem to be one quasi-functional purpose to the glitter, though:

But we have to ask: How the fuck do you get it off???

Because it seems like glitter roots are the fast track to dandruff.

Cristi_m / Getty Images


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