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14 Crucial Things To Consider Before You Cut Bangs

Good friends don't let friends cut bangs on a whim.

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At some point in life, practically every woman asks herself (and her friends) whether she should cut bangs. For those currently in the midst of the very important decision, here's what you should consider first.


Because if you don't get a trim, you kind of make yourself blind.

That amazing feeling when you can finally see after your fringe has been cut 👌 #fringeproblems

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That amazing feeling when you can finally see after your fringe has been cut #fringeproblems

2:00 PM - 26 Nov 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

2. You'll need to start thinking about how to keep your bangs out of your face while you're working out.

Whether you go with a headband or a few barrette clips, make sure your gym bag has what you need.

4. Don't listen to people who say you can't have bangs if you have curly hair.

Super curly hair texture can actually work well with bangs because the curls aren't weighed down by length.

5. There's a lot of trial and error with styling when you first get bangs. Prepare yourself for not getting it right the first time. You'll get there!

When you blowdry your fringe and it's too bouncy then you straighten it and it's too flat #fringeproblems

Fringe Problems @fringeproblemsFollow

When you blowdry your fringe and it's too bouncy then you straighten it and it's too flat #fringeproblems

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6. Bangs sit on one of the oiliest parts of your face, so you'll likely need to wash them more often than you wash the rest of your hair.

Instead of washing your hair every day to deal with your bangs, do the old wash your bangs in the sink trick!

7. Bad news: Having hair that sits on your face can cause some pimples.

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Good news: Hopefully your bangs will cover the zits! Grab a gentle face wash with salicylic acid to fight those little demons in the meantime.

8. For best results, bangs should ideally be blown dry immediately after they're washed.

Because bangs are shorter and less dense than the rest of your hair, they start drying pretty quickly out of the shower, which means they'll take on your natural texture immediately. Are you ready for that kind of rapid lifestyle?

9. Bangs tend to need attention throughout the day. Luckily, there's a secret weapon for that.

This mini flat iron from Amika has iron plates a pinch wider than a pen. It's small enough to fit in a clutch and it's powerful enough to touch up your bangs on those busy days when frizz unexpectedly hits in the afternoon.

Get it here.


11. Without a doubt, you will need to fix and/or style your bangs every morning.

Bed head is a cruel monster, so be prepared. If you like to have the lowest maintenance hairstyle possible, bangs may not be for you.

12. There will probably come a time when you want to grow out your bangs.

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It's a long and grueling process, but it doesn't have to be miserable! Here are a few ways to painlessly grow out the fringe.

13. If you do decide to grow them out, this will almost definitely happen when you put your hair into a high ponytail.

There's a way to deal with this, though. Wrap that section around the elastic at the base of your ponytail and use a bobby pin to secure the hair down. Spray with hairspray if you're really trying to get that cowlick to stay down.

14. Zooey Deschanel is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to bangs.

She is a freak of nature unicorn who looks impossibly good with bangs and makes every woman in the world want to get them, too. You may love your bangs just as much as Zooey, but consider how you'll feel emotionally if you actually hate them.

Realistic expectations, people.

Getting a fringe cut in; expectation vs. reality #fringeproblems #bangsproblems

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Getting a fringe cut in; expectation vs. reality #fringeproblems #bangsproblems

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