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    19 Creepy AF Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Scar You Forever

    Sorry if you crap your pants looking at these.

    1. Queen of Darkness

    Dope2111 / Via

    See the entire fucking terrifying tutorial from Dope2111 here.

    2. Jack-o-Lantern

    3. Killer Snail

    Ellimacs sfx makeup / Via

    Watch Ellimacs sfx makeup's tutorial here if you can stomach it.

    4. Neon Skull

    Desi Perkins / Via

    Here's the entire tutorial for Desi Perkin's Neon & Blacklight makeup.

    5. Zipper Barbie

    6. Pop Art Frankenstein

    Alex Faction / Via

    7. Batman vs. Joker

    Mariam Luso / Via

    Watch the tutorial from Mariam Luso here.

    8. Zombie Elsa

    AwesomenessTV / Via

    9. Voodoo Doll

    SmashinBeauty / Via

    10. Devil

    Ssweetcriss / Via

    Watch Ssweetcriss' tutorial with the lights on.

    11. Ice Queen

    12. Pinup Anatomical Robot

    Jordan Hanz / Via

    13. Glam Galaxy Cat

    14. Half-Skull

    15. Alien

    NsomniaksDream / Via

    16. Ventriloquist Dummy

    Alex Faction / Via

    17. Billy The Puppet From Jigsaw

    18. Cartoon Witch

    iwanted2c1video / Via

    19. Ms. Smiley

    Maria Kristall / Via