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    Swearing Off Uncomfortable Shoes Has Made Me A Happier, Productive Person

    Squeezing my hands into uncomfortable gloves would be ridiculous, so why should I be expected to inflict pain on my feet?

    You know how the dentist says “If you can feel your teeth, something is wrong”? That’s become my philosophy on feet and shoes as an adult.

    At one point in my young adult life, I was so committed to wearing heels that looked *amazing* that I literally threw up from the pain my feet were in — and then continued to go right on wearing them.

    In my life, I’d guesstimate that I’ve spent anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 on buying shoes that hurt me.

    After years of blisters, toe pain, and straight up miserable living because of my dang shoes, I decided to put a stop to the madness. From now on, I would only wear comfortable shoes. And honestly, it's been a game-changer in every aspect of life.

    Committing to a shoe criteria has set a bar for high expectations that makes me think more thoroughly about spending habits outside of just shoes.

    Giving myself a Comfortable Shoe Boundary to work within has actually made me dress better overall.

    Not thinking about my feet all day has freed up so much time and made me more productive.

    Besides just making me a happier, more thoughtful person, here are some practical things I’ve learned:

    My favorite shoe shopping trick: Bring your favorite pair of comparable shoes to the store (or take them out if you’re trying on at home) to compare the fit of the new versus the old.

    The minute you are hurt by a pair of your shoes, DO NOT PUT THEM BACK IN YOUR CLOSET. Put them in another designated area to be sold, donated, or given to a friend.

    When you find a pair of shoes that is solid 5-star footwear, buy two pairs. Maybe buy different colors! And set up a Google alert for when they go on sale.

    Now, to be crystal clear, I’m not suggesting you swear off heels or expensive shoes — or anything that makes you happy for that matter! All I'm saying is there's no need to suffer just because society tells women that we need to look a certain way.

    Do you have a favorite pair of comfortable shoes that you wear on a regular basis? Tell us about them in the comments!