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19 Killer Responses For People Who Say You Should Stop Wearing Makeup

Brush those haters off.

1. Listen here. If someone's on your case about how much they don't like makeup, just hit them with the truth.

2. Tell them that you're wearing makeup for your damn self.

3. And maybe explain that you're not TRYING to look the same as you do without makeup. That's not the point.

4. You are getting up every morning and doing what you love.

5. And thus, you feel like a magical, mystical unicorn princess when your face is beat.

6. You're a wizard.

7. Let this person know that no matter what they say, no matter how much they beg, you are still. going. to. do. you.

8. Because when your makeup is on point, your life follows suit.

9. You're just living your truth...

10. ...taking things one day at a time.

11. This is your destiny.

12. You are fierce and you are unstoppable.

13. You EARNED your place in this world.

14. So there's no room for judgement here.

15. And the people who don't understand can see themselves out.

16. Makeup is your ride or die chick.

17. It is for you and you alone*.

18. If some other trick doesn't like it, they can back the F off.

19. And when all else fails, you drop this truth bomb:

Thumbnail Credit: Comedy Central