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    23 Genius Hacks That Will Change How You Eat Breakfast

    For a better breakfast, brunch, and brinner.

    1. Get all of that cereal dust crap out of your bowl by using a strainer.

    2. Go a step further and make sure your cereal never gets soggy with this divided bowl.

    3. Make hash browns in a waffle iron.

    4. Freeze your smoothie ingredients in Ziploc bags the night before to cut down on cooking time in the morning.

    5. Use your Keurig to make a big ol' bowl of oatmeal.

    6. Or take things a step further and make fancy oatmeal using a rice cooker.

    7. Freeze almond milk into ice cubes for a richer, less watery iced coffee experience.

    8. Or make straight-up coffee ice cubes to keep your brew strong.

    9. Use a pancake pen to make the most Instagrammable 'cakes of your life.

    10. Make a single-serving of French toast in two minutes in your microwave.

    11. Freeze a week's worth of smoothies on Sunday night to give yourself a smooth, fresh start every morning without extra work.

    12. Make an omelette in a panini press.

    13. Whip up a batch of smoothie popsicles that will last you for the week.

    14. Get this sandwich-making machine to cook everything in under five minutes.

    15. Use a muffin tin to make granola bowls for the week, then spoon some yogurt and berries in each morning for a healthy meal on the go.

    16. Get this butter cutter so you can have the perfectly buttered piece of toast when your stick is too cold to slice with a knife.

    17. On Sunday night, make frozen breakfast quesadillas for the week and heat 'em up in the microwave every morning for a cheesy start.

    18. This chart gives you 25 options for a quick and healthy four-ingredient breakfast so you'll never get bored.

    19. Use the Rollie for hands-free egg cooking, perfect for your favorite breakfast sammies.

    20. Make yourself a freaking delicious brunch beverage on the weekends with this champagne cheat sheet.

    21. Keep your coffee or tea hot until the last drop with a mug warmer.

    22. Make your pancakes ridiculously fluffy with this seltzer trick.

    23. And if you really don't like breakfast but want to start your day with a kick, try butter coffee to keep hunger satiated and energy higher for longer.