This Genius Tip Will Make Bra Shopping So Much Easier

    If you have to wear a bra, you may as well enjoy it.

    Trying to find a bra that fits you ~perfectly~ can be a disaster.

    Even if you whip out a tape measure, things can go awry.

    But there's a trick to finding the best bra for your girls, and it's called sister sizes. Essentially, sister size bras have the same cup capacity even though they're different sizes.

    You may actually fit into a sister size better than your ~measured~ size depending on the bra you're trying on and the shape of your ta-tas.

    Bras, like all clothes, fit differently depending on style, cut, and brand.

    Everyone has a sister size! Just adjust the band and straps to get the perfect fit.

    Use this handy chart to find your sister size the next time you're shopping:

    And use these easy tips to adjust your brassiere accordingly.

    No go forth and wear your best bra!