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These Are The Best Products You Can Get With Your Sephora Gift Card

A guide broken down by how much ca$h money you got.

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So, based on the value of your Sephora gift card, here are the most baller AF products they have. May your shopping cart be #blessed.


11. Jack Black About Face Set, $75

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Technically Jack Black is meant for dudes, but it's just quality skin care no matter who you are. The products make your skin tingle in the best way possible.

Get it here.

14. Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case, $99

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Makeup artists usually have something like this on hand because by mixing the colors together, you can make any color makeup you need from lipstick to concealer to eyeliner! This way you can just buy one product and make whatever your little heart desires.

Get it here.

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