This New Manicure Trend Will Turn Your Manicure Into An Aquarium

    Buckle up for this.

    Nail art has gotten pretty fucking dope in the last few years.

    But the aquarium trend — the art of creating a tiny, moving glitter aquarium on your nail — is changing the game.

    Facebook: video.php / Via Top Knot


    Please excuse me while I watch this on loop and meditate on the peaceful life of a glitter nail.

    They're made using two clear fake nails.

    Layering the smaller fake nail on top, clear gel is used to seal three sides of the nails together, leaving the cuticle side open.

    Through the open edge, the nail is filled with glitter and water to create an "aquarium."

    The free edge gets sealed with gel again.

    And after the entire nail is coated in clear-gel top coat, it's adhered to the natural nail. Pretty cool!

    People are getting super creative with how they use the aquarium technique.

    See? Innovative AF.

    Bottom line: Aquarium nails are freaking perfect for anyone who secretly wants to be a mermaid.