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    Women Are Painting Tiny 3-D Sweaters On Their Nails And It's Amazing

    Your fingers deserve ~sweater weather~ too.

    Ahhhh, Sweater Weather.

    It's the most joyous time of the year.

    And this year, women are taking it to another level: Sweater nails.

    Because arms have had the fun long enough.

    Cable knit sweater nails are often accents in a manicure.

    And honestly, it's the coziest way to do your nails.

    Here's how it's done: Once you paint your nails a base color, go use a tiny brush to apply 3-D sculpting gel in the cable knit sweater pattern.

    Go in with a second coat of the sculpting gel to make it even more ~three-dimensional.~

    Dass it!

    Go forth and cover yourself in sweaters!

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