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    27 Beauty Products That Never Should've Been Discontinued

    Only the good die young.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which discontinued beauty product they'd like to see brought back from the dead. Maybe if we try hard enough, these companies will put our favorites back into production.

    1. Street Wear by Revlon was the cosmetics line of a generation. TBH, still sleeping on tear-stained pillows because of this loss.

    ebay / Via

    "Revlon's Street Wear line was my thing in the late 90s. I was so sad to see it discontinued." β€” Submitted by Lacy Smith (Facebook)

    2. And let's all just pour one out for the Coconut Lime Verbena scent from Bath and Body Works.

    Amazon / Via

    "Coconut. Lime. Verbena. You broke my heart, Bath and Body Works.

    I've had to tide myself over with a random bottle of foaming hand soap I got as a gift, and a couple of tiny lotion bottles I swiped from a hotel a couple years back. They're being heavily rationed." β€”Submitted by Michelle Cabral (Facebook)

    3. Bacne's a lot tougher to fight without Clinique Acne Solutions Body Treatment Spray :(

    Beautylish / Via

    "Clinique's body spray to treat acne in those unreachable places. The one and only product of this kind to have existed, ever. Discontinued." β€” Submitted by Caroline Morgan

    4. CoverGirl Wetslicks AmazeMint lip gloss was the only way we could smell like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie.

    Amazon / Via

    "That Crest Wetslicks lipgloss from CoverGirl. It had the PERFECT colors." β€” Submitted by Alena Rainey (Facebook)

    5. Maybelline Kissing Koolers were taken from this world too soon.

    Maybelline Kissing Koolers Facebook / Via Facebook: 179263545503111

    "Maybeline's Kissing Koolers." β€” Submitted by Bethaney Shade

    6. Helene Curtis Thermasilk was the only 2-in-1 conditioner that understood our needs.

    Amazon / Via

    "Helene Curtis Thermasilk, it made hair so silky." β€” Submitted by Krystal Ramirez (Facebook)

    7. RIP, Bonne Belle Flip Gloss. We hardly knew ye.

    Amazon / Via

    "Bonne Bell Flip Gloss!" β€” Submitted by Jessie Silva (Facebook)

    8. You were so good to us, Maybelline Lash Stylist.

    Amazon / Via

    "Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara... BEST. NON-CLUMPING. MASCARA. EVER!" β€” Submitted by Melissa Powell (Facebook)

    9. How are we expected to go on without Fresh Memoirs of a Geisha Perfume?

    ebay / Via

    "I really wish they'd bring back Fresh's Memoirs of a Geisha perfume. It is the only perfume I can wear that doesn't give me a headache. I can find it on eBay, but it's getting harder and harder to find." β€” Submitted by Melissa Andersen Kagarise

    10. People are still pissed about the Body Shop Neroli Jasmin perfume being discontinued.

    Fragrantica / Via

    "Body Shop's Neroli Jasmin perfume. I'm still pissed they discontinued it." β€” Submitted by Samantha Green (Facebook)

    11. The shampoo aisle was permanently dimmed the day Outrageous from Revlon left.

    ebay / Via

    "If shampoo and conditioner count, Outrageous or Flex by Revlon." β€” Submitted by Michele Castagna Gavigan (Facebook)

    12. Hard Candy Shiny When Wet mascara/eyeliner duo was the only makeup mermaids could wear underwater. What will they do now?

    Walmart / Via

    "I'm an underwater performer, and Hard Candy had a underwater mascara/eyeliner duo. It was one of the best I ever used, reasonably priced (compared to professional underwater makeup) and cruelty free!" β€” Submitted by Raina the Halifax Mermaid (Facebook)

    13. How do people even get through high school now without Caboodles lip gloss?

    ebay / Via

    "Caboodles lip gloss and "Ghost Myst" perfume by Coty. Awe, couldn't face high school without them :)" β€” Submitted by Sarah Lysaught (Facebook)

    14. We bid you farewell, Color Pulse by L'Oreal. You were one of the good ones.

    Overstock / Via

    "Color Pulse by L'oreal. My mom wouldn't let me permanently color my hair as a teenager, so this is what I used when I wanted to try different hair colors. I miss it so much." β€” Submitted by Alesha Ricole Lindsey (Facebook)

    15. Rimmel London's London Glam perfume was the closest us Normals could get to smelling like Kate Moss.

    Fragrantica / Via

    "Rimmel had an amazing perfume called London Glam. It was my signature scent and I miss it." β€” Submitted by Autumn Gieb (Facebook)

    16. Can we have a moment of silence for Jane Cosmetics lipstick in Haywire?

    Amazon / Via

    "J.A.N.E. haywire lipstick...I miss you!" β€” Submitted by Jessica Pearman (Facebook)

    17. Kiss good breath goodbye, because Oral-B Brush-Ups went out of production.

    Healthcare-Exp / Via

    "Oral-B Brush Ups. Because those little plastic toothbrush thingys just aren't as good. I could clean each individual tooth in a snap. Le sigh." β€” Submitted by Jeanne Serrette (Facebook)

    18. Toni Braxton was singing about the discontinuation of Maybelline Mineral Power foundation in "Un-Break My Heart." (Maybe.)

    Amazon / Via

    "The absolute WORST THING to happen to me is Maybelline discontinued their Mineral Liquid Power foundation. If you go to Amazon there are a lot of people crying for it to this day." β€” Submitted by Karen Canfield Maskens

    19. Bath and Body Works Grape Soda Liplicious lip gloss was the perfect shimmer/shade/un-gross flavor lip gloss and it was just TAKEN from us.

    Amazon / Via

    "There was a bath and body works 'grape soda' lip gloss that was just the right amount of sparkle without being too dark, too sticky, or too gross of a flavor. Loved that stuff and I usually HATE most lip glosses. Haven't been able to find one like it." β€” Submitted by Erica Gomes (Facebook)

    20. Salon Selectives Lighten Up highlighting foam was pulled from shelves and everyone's hair went dark.

    ebay / Via

    "Salon Selectives highlighting hair foam. Loved that stuff when I was young and couldn't get my parents to pay for highlights." β€” Submitted by Megan Elmer (Facebook)

    21. Can you die of a broken heart? Because Revlon ColorBurst lipstick being discontinued did some real damage.

    Beauty Encounter / Via

    "Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks were so awesome! They had the cute quilted packaging and had two of my favorite lipticks, True Red and Rosy Nude." β€” Submitted by Ras Al Ghul Tanvir (Facebook)

    22. Clinique City Stick makeup foundation was like a daydream turned nightmare when it was nixed.

    Amazon / Via

    "I was in loveee with the Clinique City Stick coverup/foundation...why did they ever discontinue it??" β€” Submitted by Rachel Elizabeth Grix (Facebook)

    23. Jemma Kidd liquid liner never moved...until the day it was nowhere to be found.

    Amazon / Via

    "The Jemma Kidd liquid eyeliners. They took a geologic age to set but once they did they weren't going anywhere." β€” Submitted by Sarah Koahou (Facebook)

    24. Victoria's Secret lip plumper may have stung, but that just meant it was working.

    ebay / Via

    "Victoria Secret just nixed their lip plumper and I'm devastated. We were able to snag 2 more off of Amazon but I'm distraught." β€” Submitted by Molly Gebhardt (Facebook)

    25. Candie's Heartbreaker perfume struck the perfect balance between floral, fruity, and un-skanky. *Tear*

    Bonanza / Via

    "Candie's Heartbreaker perfume! It had a nice floral fruity scent, haven't found a perfume like it." β€” Submitted by Vickie Delgado

    26. Only the good ones (John Frieda Funky Chunky hair texturizer) die young.

    Amazon / Via

    "Funky Chunky by John Frieda." β€” Submitted by Jennifer Michelle Clifton

    27. And of course, the lipstick of a lifetime, Almay Sequin. It's the One That Got Away.

    Amazon / Via

    "It was Almay Sequin lipstick. It was perfectly coordinated with my eye and hair color. I still have a tube from 2002 but it's broken into pieces in the tube and I don't have anything to put it in so I can still use it. It looked amazing on me." β€” Submitted by Becca Whoviann Spann (Facebook)

    May our tears honor the fallen ones.

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