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    14 Wedding Hairstyles You Can DIY For The Occasion

    Curling irons aren't the only way to style your hair for some nuptials.

    1. 10-Minute Fancy Updo

    Here's a detailed look of Step 5 for this hairstyle:

    2. A Crown For Curls

    Here's how to lift the braid up and over your head (from Step 7):

    3. Half-Up Hair Wrap

    4. Twist 'n' Pin

    Just to clarify, here's what to do:

    5. Triple Bun

    6. Piled-Up Pony

    7. Bangin' Braid

    To make sure your hair is tightly woven, keep your fingers as close to your roots and hairline as possible while braiding.

    8. A Dressed-Up Pony

    9. Half French Twist

    10. Frohawk

    11. The Fun Bun

    12. Chic Chignon

    13. Tucked Up

    14. Wrap-Around Braids

    And here's what this technique actually looks like:

    For even more hairstyle ideas, read 26 Incredible Hairstyles You Can Learn In 10 Steps Or Less.

    Lead Hairstylist: Jeff Chastain

    Assistant Hairstylists: Bukky Ojeifo and Koni Bennett

    Makeup Artists: Yana Markevich and Maya Calhoun

    Special thanks to Birchbox for providing hair and makeup services.
    Services were provided to BuzzFeed Life free of charge.