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23 People Who Look Drop Dead Amazing Wearing Brown Lipstick

Step aside, red lipstick.

1. Let's all take a minute to appreciate brown lipstick, shall we?

2. It's somehow ~vampy~ and understated at the same time.

3. It's got all kinds of '90s ~vibes.~

4. It looks INCREDIBLE with smokey eye makeup.

5. But it finishes off a cat eye look perfectly, too, tbh.

6. Layer on that liquid eyeliner because DAMN.

7. Gold eyeshadow + brown lipstick = show-stopping makeup.

8. And septum rings? They're basically begging to hang out with this lip color.

9. Nose rings in general are pretty wonderful.

10. See? And brown lipstick it happens to look drop dead gorgeous with pastel hair.

11. They pair together and look like a beautiful punk rock, My Little Pony mashup.

12. Just try to find a cooler hair and makeup combination. TRY.

13. Get it, mama.

14. But to be honest, it looks equally as amazing on brunettes.

15. Seriously, this is just beautiful AF.

16. I MEAN.

17. Your hair can be all up in your face and you'll still look fierce as hell with brown lips.

18. Wear it with your incredible curls for a killer look.

19. Brown lipstick with glasses? Yes, please.

20. With gauges? Double yes.

21. Brown lipstick looks good on literally everyone.

22. Just try it.

23. Because really, you can't lose.