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23 Bold Beards That Will Sexually Awaken You

The man makes the beard.

Men dyeing their beards may not be new, but let's all take some time to celebrate the rise of this trend.

1. First up, this dapper gentleman who understands the true value in green hair dye.

2. Then there's this guy, who's showing his true colors in the form of ombré facial hair.

3. Let's applaud this fellow, who so keenly matched his beard to his hat.

4. And this man, who chose to brighten up his face with some sunshine yellow in his beard.

5. This guy knows how to work with his surroundings.

6. Hello there, striped beard!

7. Finally, a man who isn't afraid to randomly place color into his beard.

8. And then there's this beauty, who flawlessly coordinates beard and eyebrow color.

9. As the old adage goes, real men wear pink (beards).

10. See? All pink, people.

11. You really cannot deny the beauty.

12. What's that? You needed something to brighten your day? How about this strapping young lad clad in blue?

13. Colorful beards don't have to look professional to be fun, guys. Just look at this man!

14. Then again, you could go the pro route and get something like this.

15. We could all learn a thing or two about ROYGBIV from this guy.

16. This man's purple beard will make you want one of your own!

17. Think a rainbow beard will make you look less tough? WRONG.

18. Then there's this Picasso, who artfully created the most perfect head rainbow on his hair.

19. Why yes, Teal Beard Man, I'd love a marshmallow.

20. Sometimes, a simple pink beard is all you need.

21. Or maybe navy blue is more your speed.

22. This man is probably thinking, I just don't get it. It's so easy being green.

23. But in the end, this man and his pastel rainbow beard takes the cake for redefining beautiful beards.

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