23 Genius Tricks That Will Save You Money On Beauty Products

    Here's how you can spend less cash and still get what you want.

    We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best tricks for saving money on hair and makeup. Here are their best tips!

    1. Use Ebates.com to get money back on purchases at Sephora.

    2. Cut open tubes and bottles to scrape out every bit of product.

    3. Check @Dupethat on Instagram for the drugstore version of high priced products.

    4. While you're shopping online, leave items in your cart overnight.

    5. Get your hair cut at a professional salon school.

    6. Test out the travel-size products before buying anything full-size.

    7. Use coconut oil as makeup remover.

    8. Look for the quantity of product you're getting for your money.

    9. Check websites like Hautelook for deals on designer makeup.

    10. Search YouTube, online store reviews, and beauty blogs for reviews before purchasing a product.

    11. Instead of having your hair dyed at a salon, use henna hair dye at home.

    12. Get a monthly beauty subscription box.

    13. Mix your foundation with lotion to make it last longer.

    14. DIY your manicures and pedicures.

    15. Shop Amazon's Beauty section.

    16. Use E.l.f. Cosmetics to get almost every product for under $10.

    17. Get double use out of your beauty products.

    18. Make a list of what you're willing to splurge on.

    19. Shop for products after the holidays, when everything is on a crazy sale.

    20. Hit up Dollar Tree and other dollar stores for the beauty products you want, but with lower price tags.

    21. Check Groupon for local deals on haircuts and coloring services.

    22. Sign up for the rewards card wherever you do your shopping.

    23. Purchase products that you can return — even after they've been opened.

    Go forth and play with (cheap) makeup!

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