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23 Genius Tricks That Will Save You Money On Beauty Products

Here's how you can spend less cash and still get what you want.

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We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best tricks for saving money on hair and makeup. Here are their best tips!

1. Use to get money back on purchases at Sephora.

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" is great, and Sephora routinely offers 8% cash-back specials there. (Normally they offer 4%.) It's pretty rare that there's any purchase I want to make, including non-beauty items, that I can't get cash back on." —Submitted by ebronson2857

Bonus tip: Ebates gives cash back on Groupon purchases, too. Double savings!

2. Cut open tubes and bottles to scrape out every bit of product.

"It's so surprising how much is left over even though it will no longer come out. I scrape all I can out of the packaging to put off buying more and tossing away stuff I could have used!" —Submitted by Erin Lozowski, Facebook

For a full tutorial on how to do this safely, watch this.


3. Check @Dupethat on Instagram for the drugstore version of high priced products.

"@Dupethat posts high-end makeup with drugstore products that look and work the same." —Submitted by shelbystads

The account posts every kind of makeup from lipstick to blush for color-matching at lower price points.

4. While you're shopping online, leave items in your cart overnight.

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"Add your things to your cart then leave them there without checking out. A lot of times the company will send you a 'reminder' that you have items in your cart along with a discount or a freebie added on to encourage you to purchase what you were already going to buy anyway! —Submitted by jessicab457a2bbc5

Here's a list of online retailers that offer a reminder discount.

5. Get your hair cut at a professional salon school.

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"Ask for a senior stylist about to graduate. Not only will the haircut cost a fraction of the price you would pay at a similarly high-level salon (I pay $22 a cut), but the stylist will often be more cautious, careful, and responsive to your needs because they have more at stake if they mess up." —Submitted by Danny Medved, Facebook

To find a professional salon school near you, look through this list.

6. Test out the travel-size products before buying anything full-size.

"I learned that tip from my hairdresser, who told me to raid the travel-size and sample bins at Walgreens and Ulta to find new hair products. A few of the ones I tried worked well, and I bought full-size bottles. A couple were lame, and I was out about $5 apiece." —Submitted by Jennifer Nelson, Facebook


7. Use coconut oil as makeup remover.

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"Not only does it not dry out my skin like the beauty product used to, it's also only $4 a jar (that so far has lasted me two years and counting). It's enormously cheaper." —Submitted by Lindsay Bosslett, Facebook

To make your own DIY waterproof eye-makeup remover, follow these instructions.

8. Look for the quantity of product you're getting for your money.

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"Check how many grams are in the product so you don't get fooled by the packaging. Sometimes the container magnifies it and makes it seem fuller than it is. Also, sometimes brands reduce the amount of product but maintain the same price." —Submitted by alexandiorwang

9. Check websites like Hautelook for deals on designer makeup.

"Hautelook is a website with great sales on designer clothes and makeup. Also, there's a fabulous company called ColourPop and everything is $5 and great quality." —Submitted by Lauren Sanderson, Facebook

10. Search YouTube, online store reviews, and beauty blogs for reviews before purchasing a product.

"Also make sure to keep your receipts so if something doesn't work out you can return it depending on store policy." - Baily Racheal Warman

Search YouTube for the product you're looking into plus the word "review" or "haul" to pull up results.


11. Instead of having your hair dyed at a salon, use henna hair dye at home.

"Henna is so much better for your hair, and for two jars that will easily color two-plus feet of VERY thick hair, it's like $16. I did the color myself, and when i went for a cut today the stylist was convinced it was my natural color — and when I said I dyed it she was shocked that it was done at home, by myself with henna." —Submitted by Erica Lynne Sullivan, Facebook

Shop the henna hair dyes from Lush Cosmetics and learn how to use the dye here.

12. Get a monthly beauty subscription box.

"A monthly beauty subscription keeps me from spending money on new makeup, knowing that I have something new to try every month keeps me from boredom shopping, and I always end up getting a high-end mascara and lip color every month or every other month. My $10 beauty box keeps me from spending $60 at Sephora." —Submitted by rhiannonelan

You can sign up for Birchbox, a monthly beauty subscription box, for $10 here.

13. Mix your foundation with lotion to make it last longer.

Divine Caroline / Via

"I use a higher-end foundation because I have sensitive skin, but I mix it with lotion. It makes the bottle last a lot longer and it looks really natural." —Submitted by katies46ec24473

14. DIY your manicures and pedicures.

"For the price of one mani I can get two Essie polishes and paint my nails a dozen times, at least." —Submitted by Katelyn Hart, Facebook

For even more staying power, try the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish that lasts double the time of regular polish without the light.


15. Shop Amazon's Beauty section.

"Makeup on Amazon is always a good deal. Just be sure to read the reviews." —Submitted by kyled476a98496

Amazon Beauty carries basically any brand you can think of, and a huge amount of the products ship for free in two days with Amazon Prime. Just make sure you're buying from Amazon itself and not a third-party vendor (to avoid potential knockoffs).

16. Use E.l.f. Cosmetics to get almost every product for under $10.

"Everything is pretty much under $10. Find it anywhere from Five Below to Target. They have THE BEST eyebrow kit you will ever find, and their makeup brushes are amazing." —Submitted by adwheery

17. Get double use out of your beauty products.

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"Buy items that you can use for multiple purposes. For example, oils can be used as moisturizers for hair and skin, for oil-cleansing, and deep-conditioning. Many cheek stains can be used for lip color, too." —Submitted by Christine Lorraine Edmond, Facebook

Here's a list of 19 Double Duty Beauty Tricks that will help save you money.

18. Make a list of what you're willing to splurge on.

"Make a list of products you would rather buy at a place like Sephora vs. drugstore items. That way you still get what you want without overspending." —Submitted by Haley Thomas, Facebook


19. Shop for products after the holidays, when everything is on a crazy sale.

"After Christmas, hit all the big-box stores for dirt-cheap makeup sets. Also works as dirt-cheap birthday gifts." —Submitted by marlong3

20. Hit up Dollar Tree and other dollar stores for the beauty products you want, but with lower price tags.

"Everything there is a dollar, and recently I have found that they carry a few Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips palettes! They're just in cheaper packaging. They also have a lot of E.l.f. Cosmetics to offer, along with Maybelline, and all sorts of drugstore nail polishes. All for just a dollar!" —Submitted by cjayhawker

22. Sign up for the rewards card wherever you do your shopping.

"At Ulta if you have a rewards card, after letting points accumulate you can receive various amount of money off of your purchase depending on how many points there are associated with your account. Recently, I did a big haul (over $200 worth of products and services), and using my points, a few coupons, and the sales they had going on, got it all for $50." —Submitted by anniem4f29080fc

Sign up here for the ULTAmate Rewards card.

Get the Sephora Insider card here.


23. Purchase products that you can return — even after they've been opened.

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"You can return any cosmetics to Walgreens if you didn't like it, even if you've used most of it. That's how I found my favorite $8 mascara. And you can use manufacturer coupons WITH store coupons for extra savings (their makeup is pretty frequently buy one, get one 50% off)." —Submitted by angielala06

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