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19 Women With Downright Beautiful Facial Piercings

Septum ring, anyone?

1. Oh, what's that? You're into uncomplicated beauty with subtle details? Right this way.

2. This woman radiates beauty.

3. Can you even believe a septum piercing could be this stunning?

4. Excuse us while we go try to be this cool.

5. Sometimes, just a simple nose stud is the most beautiful thing in the world.

6. Or maybe multiple piercings are more your speed.

7. Black lipstick + a septum ring + bold eyebrows = Literally stop people in their tracks because of how painfully beautiful you are.

8. Shout out to everyone who thinks you need to take out your piercings and cover up your tattoos for your wedding! Reality check: You don't.

9. Snake bites, anyone?

10. The only thing better than a woman with beautiful facial piercings? A woman with beautiful facial piercings and a magical, mystical hair color.

11. Really, people, it doesn't get more badass than this beauty.

12. Just try looking at this stunner and not wanting to pierce your dimples.

13. Halp! Halp! She's so pretty it hurts!

14. Now this is how a Medusa piercing should look.

15. Don't even get me started on this perfect septum.

16. TBH, this woman is nailing every single piercing she has.

17. Women are proving time and time again that facial piercings are downright beautiful.

18. It's easy to see the confidence shining through on these pierced faces.

19. So here's to septums, Monroes, snake bites, and every other kind of facial ring.