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19 Prehistoric Pendant Necklaces Every Dinosaur Lover Will Want

If you were a brontosaurus, you could wear them all at once.

1. Try this badass, laser-cut, wooden T. rex.

Get it here for $48.

2. Or maybe this Tyrannosaurus rex is more your speed.

Get it here for $25.

3. Here's that triceratops necklace you always wanted!

You can buy it here for $25.

4. Finally! A stegosaurus you can be proud to wear.

Get it here for $25.

5. Perhaps you're more of a plesiosaur person.

Get it here for $48.

6. Who wouldn't want this velociraptor running around their neck?

You can get it here for $48.

7. Pterodactyl, anyone?

You can get it here for $48.

8. This humorous dino is the conversation piece you've been searching for.

Get it here for $28.75.

9. This triceratops is a crowd-pleaser.

Get it here for $48.

10. Sometimes, your dinosaur necklace needs a dino friend!

Get each of these here for $11.80.

11. These little guys belong together.

Get the set here for $46.

12. Collect 'em all!

Get each necklace here for $23.95.

13. Or keep it to a single statement piece, like this geometric-saurus.

Get it here for $23.80.

14. Meet your new dime-sized dino.

Get it here for $38.

15. Try these bones on for size.

Get it here for $18.70!

16. "I have a big head and little arms."

Get it here for $24.80.

17. This modern pterodactyl is the stuff dreams are made of.

Get it here for $20.

18. You could go with this ~chic~ stamped necklace.

Get it here for $24.

19. Or keep things classy AF with this beret-wearing dino.

It's a steal for $6.35.