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17 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Target's Beauty Aisle

It's like Sephora, but with *~insane~* discounts.

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First of all, Target has an insanely good selection of beauty products that surpasses most mass retailers.

They carry drugstore brands, natural brands, and a growing number of premium brands, so you can find basically everything you've ever wanted.

1. You can also get inexpensive dupes for the high-end makeup at other beauty retailers.

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Just about every e.l.f. product costs less than $10, and Target carries the entire line. It's really easy to find cheap dupes for makeup that could cost you more than four times the amount of money elsewhere.

Here's the full range of e.l.f. products at Target.


2. But it's not all drugstore stuff. Target has a new selection of premium skin care, including organic and dermatologist-backed products.

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From La Roche-Posay's dermatology-centric products to the organic brand S.W. Basics, Target has a section of prestige beauty products that are more than just the average drugstore quality.

3. It carries naturally made hair care brands so you can skip out on harsh chemicals.

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The new selection of natural hair products is free of harmful chemicals and packed with plant-based ingredients. Attitude, Renpure, SoapBox, and SoCozy are now carried at Target stores and on

Check out the natural hair care brands here.

4. And there's a pretty rad selection of professional quality hairstyling tools too.

For example, the SARAHPOTEMPA Beachwaver S1 is $129 everywhere it's sold, but if you buy it from Target you can use the free Target promotions and discounts on one of the best curling irons around.

And there are plenty of less expensive options too. You'll have your pick of hair styling tools ranging from $7.39 to $200. Shop Target's hairstyling tools here.

5. There's a beauty concierge in the store who can answer all of your questions.


Find the person wearing a black apron in the beauty aisle to ask about any of your beauty needs. The concierges are brand agnostic, so they'll answer your questions about every type of product and technique without trying to sell you on a particular brand's item (like the old-school department store beauty counter).

You can find a store with a beauty concierge near you by entering your zip code here.


6. Or, if you can't get to a store, consult Target's online beauty concierge service for tips, tricks, and how-to videos.

Target / Via|null

You'll find tips and tricks for hair, makeup, nails, skin care, and any other concern you may have.

Now apply these money-saving tricks so you can have all kinds of beauty fun without emptying your bank account.

7. Sign up for beauty subscriptions on items you'll need to buy regularly to save 5% and get free shipping.

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This works particularly well for makeup-removing wipes, face wash, shampoo, body wash, and any other staple you'll be repurchasing regularly. Plus, you get an extra 5% savings with a Target REDcard. Set up your own schedule for how often you receive the items: weekly, biweekly, monthly, whatever.

Sign up for beauty subscriptions here.

8. Search for the term "Giftcard With Purchase" to see what kinds of deals you can get in the beauty department (and the rest of the store, for that matter).

Target / Via|HERO|T:Template B-DVM|C:CMS&intc=2361051|null

Plus, keep in mind you can combine coupons with the free giftcard deal.


9. You'll always get free shipping on every online order of $25 or more.

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The previous free shipping minimum of $50 was recently dropped to $25. This is a huge step forward for beauty products, because you won't be stuck buying more than you need if you just want to test out a couple of products.

10. Shop the in-house brand Up & Up to save on beauty staples like makeup wipes, vitamins, and more.

Target / Via

For the Up & Up brand, 240 caplets of Hair/Skin/Nails costs $12.34. Meanwhile, 120 caplets of the brand name Hair, Skin & Nails costs $11.99. Basically, you're paying double the cost for brand names.

Shop all of the Up & Up health, beauty, and makeup items here.

11. There's a totally spanking new one-year return policy on any product that's from a brand owned or exclusive to Target.

If your foundation doesn't quite match your skin tone or the lipstick you bought months ago dries out your lips, head to the store and get your money back. Target's one-year return policy launched on March 18, 2015, and it extends the return window to one full year from the date of purchase, which was previously a 90-day policy. The new policy includes any brands owned by or exclusive to Target.

For beauty, this means that Sonia Kashuk, Up & Up, and more are now returnable for one year. For any brands that aren't Target-owned, the 90-day return policy stands.

See a full list of Target-owned brands here.

12. Bring your own bag from home and you'll get 5 cents off your purchase for each reuasable bag you use.

Flickr User: Mystickal / Via

Pay extra attention to this trick when you're purchasing larger health and beauty items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, etc. You'll get the discount regardless of the kind of bag you bring.

Bigger products = more bags = more money saved.


13. Download the Cartwheel App to get instant updates about the deals on the items you're already planning to buy in the store or online.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

Once you download Cartwheel you can input a list of your favorite products and a red checkmark will appear as soon as there's a deal. While you're shopping in the store, scan the barcode of the item you're interested in and Cartwheel will tell you about any promotions currently happening. The more you use Cartwheel on social media, the more deals you'll get.

Download the Cartwheel app for iPhone or Android.

14. Save money with Target's price-matching program.

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If you find a product that costs less money on Amazon, Wal-Mart, or another online retailer listed here, Target will match the price. You just need to make sure that the item is being sold by the retailer, not a third-party vendor.

How to get it: Show your cashier the price from an online competitor on your smartphone or bring a physical printout. For store deals, bring the physical printed advertisement for a lower price from a competitor.

15. Then, use your coupons on top of the price match.

Manufacturer coupons are applied after the price match is made, but Target and Cartwheel coupons will be applied before the price match is made.

16. Sign up for coupon alerts via text message.

Alexskopje / Via Getty Images

Target will send you a text every time a new coupon arrives. Keep an eye out for the deals on products you can buy in bulk (like mascara and lip balm).

Sign up here.


17. Finally, combine all of your print coupons with mobile and Cartwheel deals.

You can combine up to one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon, and one Cartwheel coupon per item in your purchase.

See Target's full Coupon Policy here.

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