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17 Stunning Men With Eyeliner Better Than Yours

We're not worthy.

1. Winged eyeliner is not for beginners.

@bretmanrock / Via

2. You don't get sharp AF line by being a novice.

@Fakeface_1 / Via

3. You have to EARN that flick.

@makeupbyraymond / Via

4. And then there's the perfectly smudged look.

@Poadgie / Via

5. Which looks like a damn dream when you do a thin lil' line, too.

@juanpollo93 / Via

6. Oh good god almighty the wing looks BEAUTIFUL AF with a dark lipstick.

@Skelotim / Via

7. See? *fans self*

@iamalexxkyler / Via

8. But OMG that smokey eye though. 😍

@Danrxmos / Via

9. And those LASHES.

@Mac_Daddyy / Via


@dgafpanda / Via

11. I'm sorry, WHAT? That purple? Just let me die happy now.

@allancraig / Via

12. Oh but excuse me, I'll stay alive real quick for this pink.

@zacharyedward / Via

13. But nope, killed again by this pink and purple combo.

@davicrocket / Via

14. This dude is a damn professional.

@Jamarixoxo / Via

15. And this guy makes me want to buy stock in Stila.

@saintmakeup1996 / Via

16. Keep on winging that eyeliner, men.

@sammyhawkinsmua / Via

17. Because you look so damn sharp you could kill.

@Tonnnyyr / Via
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