17 Stunning Men With Eyeliner Better Than Yours

    We're not worthy.

    1. Winged eyeliner is not for beginners.

    2. You don't get sharp AF line by being a novice.

    3. You have to EARN that flick.

    4. And then there's the perfectly smudged look.

    5. Which looks like a damn dream when you do a thin lil' line, too.

    6. Oh good god almighty the wing looks BEAUTIFUL AF with a dark lipstick.

    7. See? *fans self*

    8. But OMG that smokey eye though. 😍

    9. And those LASHES.


    11. I'm sorry, WHAT? That purple? Just let me die happy now.

    12. Oh but excuse me, I'll stay alive real quick for this pink.

    13. But nope, killed again by this pink and purple combo.

    14. This dude is a damn professional.

    15. And this guy makes me want to buy stock in Stila.

    16. Keep on winging that eyeliner, men.

    17. Because you look so damn sharp you could kill.