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17 Instagram Accounts That Are Winning At Natural Hair

Love your kinks.

1. Natural hair's a beautiful thing that should be celebrated. You know who does a good job of that? @Kurleebelle, an account for an eco-friendly natural hair care brand that also shows glorious styles.

Like this incredible fauxhawk situation right here.

2. The good people over at @NBIallnatural are nailing it too.

It's all natural hair products mixed with a ton of hair porn. Anyone who can make grey hair look this good is well worth a follow.

3. And then there's @Curlilocsblog, run by two "curlfriends" who share their natural hair experiences and looks they love on others.

It's basically like one big hair party all the time.

4. @Naturalhairdaily has an incredible knack for making you say "Holy crap this is a cute child!" and "Holy crap I want this child's hair!" all at once.

Be prepared to become a mixed bag of emotions, people.

5. @Naturalchics is all about embracing your natural curls.

No hate, no straight, just curls.

6. And @ajaasnaturalhairworld features everyday women with incredible natural hair.

Extra likes when your hair is too big to fit in the shot!

7. There's blogger and author @askproy who is unfairly photogenic.

They're all her good side.

8. And then there's @Unconditionedroots, which manages to find an insanely high amount of versatile natural hairstyles.

"Never wear the same hair twice" is not a motto but it should be.

9. @Goodhairmagazine is what happens when the editor of Good Hair Magazine curates an Instagram account dedicated to natural hair.

Why aren't you following this yet?

10. @GlobalCoutureBlog is all about loving your kinks.

We could all learn a thing or two.

11. And @Naturallyglammed is like one huge Pinterest feed of natural hairspiration.

Dream hair.

12. OK fine, you probably guessed that @Curls_aunaturel is all about naturel.

You win.

13. And you'd also be right in thinking that @Berrycurly is full of very curly hair.

You win again. You're good at this.

14. But let's talk about @Longhairdontcaregrowoil for a second.

Because this hair is so pretty it's hurting my eyes.

15. And don't even get me started on @Naturalrootsista.

Is it possible to have a crush on curls? Because it's happening.

16. @Retrorichhair is sitting over here making everyone jealous.

I mean come on.

17. While you're at it, go follow @Naturallyhair too, because really, you can never have too much natural hair inspiration.


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