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17 Horrible Pairs Of Tube Socks That Need To Be Stopped

What has this world come to?

1. WHAT are you even DOING with your LIFE?

The entire idea of putting on socks is to cover up your feet.

3. This must be a joke.

Go ankle sock or go home, bruh.

4. Lawd help us all.

Why wear socks at all if you're going to just mangle the toes off of them?

5. What goes on???

Please note: The foot in the top left corner is doing the right thing.


This is just plain unacceptable.

7. What even...?!

Go home, feet. You're drunk.

8. I can smell these through my screen.

Would it kill you to launder your stockings?

9. Please send help.

Go without socks or don't go at all.

10. No no no no no no no.

You: *puts on socks and flip-flops*

The Space Between Your Big and Second Toe: "Can I live?"

11. Make it stop!

What kind of garbage foot situation is this?


Maybe it was laundry day?

13. Is this real life?

That poor, cold big toe.

14. Ugh.

My heart just hurts.

15. FYI: This is what happens to people who wear awful tube socks with sandals.

16. And these are the only tube socks that should be worn:

17. Do you even know what's happening?!?!?

Does "toes in the water, ass in the sand" mean NOTHING to you?

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