14 Lipstick Tricks For People Who Can't Make Sense Of Makeup

    Mother pucker.

    1. Lick the rim of your glass before you drink out of it to avoid the lipstick stain that always happens.

    2. Make your lips smooth like butter with this DIY lip scrub before you apply lipstick.

    3. Or, if you're feeling especially lazy, legit just use tape to get dry skin off your lips.

    4. Here's a chart of the "nude" lip colors that actually work on women of color:

    5. Blend lip liner into the fuller parts of your lips instead of leaving a legit line. It'll look much more ~natural.~

    6. You can also use clear lip liner around the edges of your color so the lipstick won't bleed around the edges of your mouth.

    7. Wearing a bright lipstick doesn't mean you can't wear bright eye makeup, too.

    8. Draw an X across your top lip at the highest points (the Cupid's Bow) to trace your lips perfectly.

    9. Use a sealant like Rimmel Lipstick Lock over your color and it'll stay in place basically forever.*

    10. Mix an eyeshadow or blush with Vaseline to make a DIY lipstick.

    11. For a more subtle look, apply lipstick in the center of your lips and then blend out using your finger.

    12. Follow this chart to learn how to use lip liner to change the look of your mouth:

    13. To clean up the edges around your lips, dip a slanted brush into concealer and apply it just outside your lips.

    14. And once your lipstick gets misshapen past the point of no return, reshape it down into a clean lip gloss pot and store it there.

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